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Honey’s not happy to see Charlie!

EastEnders - Honey Charlie
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Honey is alarmed when she looks after Jack’s kids only for Charlie to turn up unexpectedly.

Honey takes Jack’s kids to the playground to help him out. She’s stunned, however, when Charlie turns up out of the blue. After Honey shares some stern words with him, Charlie agrees to back off. Later, however, Charlie tells Jack that he’s told social services he’s going to apply for residency of Matthew.

Steven is still full of suspicions about Lauren, concerned that she’s up to no good. A chat with Abi doesn’t help matters, prompting an alarmed Steven to consider turning stalker, looking up ways to track her phone!

Denise visits her tutor to talk about her exam. When she returns home she's delighted and relieved to find Patrick has returned. It’s not long before Patrick realises that all is not well with Denise and as she breaks down, he comforts her.

Also, Johnny and Kathy are concerned about Whitney.