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Supt. Noakes tells Howard and Daisy to do a search on Rob's house, so Rob hastily hides Andy upstairs. Howard and Daisy leave and Karen goes to get Andy out the garage but Rob stops her. Sure enough Daisy comes back after ten minutes to pick up a notebook which she 'accidentally' left on the side. Rob is relieved but feels that they have to be extra vigilant. As he speaks, he is unaware he is being watched by Driver.

Jimmi helps a well-known runner, Guy, when he injuries his leg who has raised a lot of money for charity. But when Jimmi later spots him coming out of the bookies he realises that Guy has been gambling away everyone's donations. However, it soon becomes clear Guy's wife is behind their scheme and Jimmy tell Guy it's time he left his controlling wife.

Emma's down after her break up with Howard but Niamh has seen something which is guaranteed to cheer her up – it's Heston's vlog and the sight of him in his pants! Niamh plays it for Emma and she can't stop laughing!

Ellen Markwardt
Ellen Markwardt

I've always had a passion for TV and movies, and got my dream job as TV Times Listings Editor over a decade ago. previously I was interviewing celebrities on a freelance basis for What's On TV, TV Easy and TV & Satellite Week magazines. There's nothing better than going behind-the-scenes of TV shows to bring our readers on set secrets and gossip! As well as my main role at TV Times, I also write Coronation Street spoilers for and write daily On Demand reviews.