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Hunter King and Jordan fight over Olivia!

Hunter King in Home and Away

Jordan gets up Hunter King's nose when he taunts him about his relationship with Olivia

Keen to take his mind off his family problems, VJ invites Hunter, Olivia and Jordan round to Billie's. However, Jordan invites lots of his friends and the quiet night in soon turns into the house party from hell. As Jordan spends the night chatting to Olivia, he and Hunter are soon coming to blows…

Billie tries to orchestrate a reunion between Leah and VJ, but her attempts fall flat. As VJ explains why he can no longer live at home, will Billie say something that hurts his feelings and cause a rift in their relationship? Olivia finally gets through to Hunter when she pays him a surprise visit on his community service shift - but will she get him into trouble?

When Roo tells Leah she's emailed Duncan, will she regret her decision?