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Imogen's bulimia secret is revealed

Karl's examination of Imogen reveals that she has a ruptured oesophagus, which is generally caused by excessive vomiting. This leads Karl to surmise that Imogen may have bulimia, but Imogen refuses to admit she has a problem. Desperate to get her daughter to open up, Terese goes out on a limb and confesses to Imogen that when she was a teenager she also suffered from bulimia, but Imogen remains unmoved and Terese wonders where to go from here.

Brad notices that Hudson has recently lost focus on his swimming training and questions Chris about why he's distracted. Concerned that he could be ruining his boyfriend's chances of winning a Commonwealth medal, Chris asks Hudson if Brad's accusation is true.

Hudson admits that he is losing interest in swimming, but it's not Chris's fault. It's just become more of a priority for him to spend time with the man he loves.

Determined to let Joshua know how she feels about him once and for all, Amber sends him a heartfelt text after encouragement from Lauren. But since the course of true love never runs smooth, Amber accidentally sends the message to Lou, leaving Joshua unaware of her feelings and Amber mistakenly believing he feels nothing for her at all.