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Is Emma pregnant?

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Emma says food has started to taste metallic and Karen is shocked; she met a man with the same problem who had a brain tumour. Emma makes an appointment with her doctor. Before leaving, Emma comes across some pregnancy tests and then it hits her, her symptoms match!

Ruth's feeling dizzy and her son Alex insists she needs to go to the doctors, where Alex explains she's a recovering alcoholic. While Ruth speaks to Emma, Alex tells Hayden how difficult it is to look after Ruth. Emma tells Alex that Ruth might have Menieres Disease while Hayden explains he needs to give Ruth a chance to get on with her life.

Rob tells Driver about when Jack and Immie were kids, but becomes slightly awkward when Driver asks how Karen is doing. Rob plays with Scarlet, and they finish their paperwork. Driver invites Rob to stay for lunch and she asks if he will be Scarlett's Godfather.

Also, Emma and Karen get a call from Zara – it seems she's finding it hard to let go of work.