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Is it over for Chris and Nate?

When Lucy arrives to tell Chris she's sorted his and Nate's US visas, Chris breaks the news that Nate doesn't want to go with him. Lucy's understanding and tells Chris to take his time to deal with his relationship issues before committing to America. However, after a heartfelt talk, Chris and Nate agree they want different things and split up.

Alice unexpectedly shows up and, unaware of Matt's death, she was hoping to spend the day with Bailey. He's desperate to delay dealing with his grief, and they head off to her hotel room. But things between them quickly escalate, alarming Alice who calls him on his odd behaviour. Bailey finally tells her about Matt's death.

Nick is continuing to treat an unsuspecting, grateful Paul for his non-existent cancer, reassuring him that his treatment will be kept completely confidential. But when Georgia discovers Nick is treating an anonymous patient, she becomes suspicious and vows to get to the bottom of the mystery…