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Is Pete dead?

*Second episode*

With Pete having flown off the edge of a sheer drop on his motorbike, thanks to Andy’s dangerous and reckless driving, Andy is horrified. Rushing over to the edge, Andy looks down to see Pete lying lifeless in a lake, but makes no attempt to do anything about it. Coming to his senses, Andy runs down to help Pete and drag him back on to dry land. Thankfully, Pete starts coughing up water. He’s alive! Andy apologises for causing the accident and is relieved when Pete assures him he understands his pain over what he’s going through with Robert, having been in a similar boat with Ross.

Elsewhere, Vanessa’s none too happy when Adam and Victoria pop in to see her nor is she thrilled when Adam goes on to suggest the new mum may be suffering from post natal depression.

When Chrissie opens up to Rakesh, who’s dealing with Lawrence’s arrest for Robert’s shooting, she reads the situation wrong when he gives her a supportive hug. When the lawyer is later called to Home Farm, will he find himself there to see Chrissie for business – or pleasure?