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Is the game up for Anna and Kevin?

As Sally, Tim and Faye enter the flat, flustered Anna does her best to act normal as Kevin hides in the bedroom. Convinced Anna’s hiding her new man, Sally calls out to him.

Robert gives Nick an ultimatum, either he lets him buy into the business or he’ll leave. Nick announces that he and Robert have struck a deal and Robert will be buying 20 per cent of the business. Tracy’s thrilled while Carla quietly fumes. Tracy reveals to Robert that the rival restauranteur was actually an old friend and she merely duped Nick into thinking he was about to lose his fabulous chef.

Determined to try and forget about Jamie, Steph paints on a smile. Luke and Andy are pleased to see her so positive. But as they head for the bistro, Jamie and his mate, Wes, watch them from their parked car.

Fiz announces she’s returning to work and tells an ashamed Tyrone that they need the money. Cathy and Tyrone see a reluctant Roy off on his journey to Hastings.