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It all turns to custard for the Carters!

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Tina is insistent that they scatter Stan's ashes, pleading with Mick to get Shirley to come with them. Under pressure, Mick heads to Shirley's flat, but when Dean turns up with Lady Di, Shirley realises Tina lied to her. Back at the Vic, Mick announces Lady Di is moving back in.

Shirley arrives at the Vic, causing a commotion as she tries to take Stan's ashes. As the urn falls to the ground, the Carters are shocked to discover that instead of ashes, the urn contains custard powder! Realising Aunt Babe has something to do with the disappearing ashes, Tina and Mick vow to track her down in Ramsgate, persuading Shirley to go with them.

Shabnam and Kush try to get on with normal life but when Carmel brings up the wedding, it upsets Shabnam. Following Shabnam as she storms out of the room, Kush is horrified when she announces as soon as their baby's funeral is over tonight, she's flying back to Pakistan. Pleading with Shabnam to stay, Kush is shocked by Shabnam's words, bitterly telling her if she wants to leave she should go and never return.

Also, Lee confronts Whitney over her odd behaviour. Vincent and Denise wind each other up as they babysit Pearl together.