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It's Selfridges Vs Woolworths!

(Image credit: Patrick Redmond +353872600976)

Harry's feathers are ruffled when fellow American entrepreneur Frank Woolworth (former Dempsey and Makepeace star Michael Brandon) swaggers into town. A Woolworth's store will soon be opening in Brixton, and Frank also plans to open a shop on Oxford Street. Frank says Woolworths will be a discount store and is certain there will be plenty of room in London's West End for both stores.

Harry wants to make a statement that Selfridges is 'open to all' - just like Woolworth's - and when he orders spot reductions on stock, Miss Mardle suggests they make an event of it: why don't they hold a 'mid-season' sale? Harry loves the idea. He wants window displays and double the advertising space to entice customers. Harry is convinced that Woolworth is trying to steal his thunder - and he will not let that happen!

Meanwhile, Rose reluctantly agrees to let Lady Mae introduce Rosalie to some eligible young bachelors - but she's shocked when her daughter starts a romance with her former lover Roddy!