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Jac hits Ollie in Holby!

Rosie Marcel plays Jac Naylor in Holby City

When Ollie tells Jac some home truths, her anger reaches boiling point...

Following a pepper spray incident at Holby, Jac's suffered an allergic reaction that’s caused her eyes to swell up. But she’s determined to power on with a revolutionary laparoscopic procedure on famous tennis star, Yasmani Arriaga.

As Ollie tries to help Jac, she’s nothing but rude to him. And when Ollie stands up to her, Jac says he'll no longer be assisting in Yasmani’s op. In theatre, though, Jac’s struggling with her eyesight and colleague Mo has to take over. Then, when a nauseous Mo has to leave, Jac has to page Ollie.

When Yasmani develops a bleed, Ollie’s adamant they need to open him up. Jac, however, is certain the bleed will stop and angrily orders Ollie not to abandon the laparoscopic procedure. So when he ignores her, she storms out!

Afterwards, as Jac reprimands Ollie for ‘failing’ Darwin, he delivers some harsh home truths about how appallingly Jac’s ever treated anyone in her life - and when he mentions her daughter Emma, Jac fills with rage and punches him! Has the fiery surgeon ruined her career?

Meanwhile, with tension still rife between Raf and Fletch after Fletch’s split with Naomi and the realisation Raf likes her, Fletch tells Raf he will move out with the kids. As Raf’s true feelings for Naomi are finally revealed, can the pair restore their friendship?

Also, Essie’s forging ahead with her plans to get pregnant, but her efforts to be ‘alone’ with Sacha are scuppered at every turn. When Sacha admits he’s feeling under pressure – both physically and emotionally – he and Essie make a tough decision…