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Jane McDonald & Friends Friday 6th Jluy

Dust off that glitterball – television's favourite cruise ship crooner Jane McDonald is back to entertain us on Channel 5

She’s barely had time to collect her thoughts after her latest cruising adventures, but Jane McDonald is back to put a bit of showbiz sparkle into Friday nights with the second run of her glossy entertainment extravaganza.

TV Times asks her what’s it like to be back for a second run of Jane McDonald & Friends.

'We hoped people would like it, so to come back is spectacular. It’s just fantastic, escapist telly with big stars and a fabulous stage,' explains Jane.

'There’s something for everybody. I wanted to do feel-good telly you can watch with your granny or your kids, like we used to have.

'So many people say they watch it with all the family; there’s nothing offensive, and that’s lovely for me,' says Jane.

As well as belting out some glorious tunes, she’s also chatting to, and singing with, celebrity pals Johnny Partridge and Rose Royce’s Gwen Dickey.

Jane McDonald & Friends S2

Jane McDonald & Friends returns for a second series

Jane also demonstrates her very special bond with the public as she surprises more deserving people who have helped their communities.

So settle down for a good old sing-song, a bit of a boogie and maybe a few tears!

TV Times rating *****

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