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Will Justin and Willow finally get justice?

Will Willow finally be able to move on with her life?

Justin comes home bloody and beaten. Mason finds his brother and Justin explains that Boyd and his thugs are responsible and he needs to go to the police. At the police station, Justin plays the a recording of Boyd admitting that he pushed Russell down the stairs. The police say the recordings are a good start but not enough to make the charges stick. Justin knows he needs to convince Scarlett to make a statement to the police. Will she say yes?

Meanwhile, Ash brings Tori breakfast to apologise for their recent fight. Tori explains that her outburst was a defence mechanism and it makes Ash realise he needs to make Tori a priority in his life. So Ash arranges a romantic day for him and Tori - but will things go to plan?

Also, Hunter attempts to get his relationship with Olivia back on track by organising a romantic picnic for them. However, Axel sends Olivia a gift interrupting Hunter and Olivia’s time together. Olivia rushes off to thank Axel and it makes Hunter feel uneasy.

Hunter tells Mason his fears and Hunter decides to set up a meeting between Olivia and a rival fashion brand, The Trend. He tells Olivia someone from The Trend called and wants a meeting. Olivia is shocked but decides to take the meeting. However, Hunter's meddling has serious consequences…