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Karen and Rob's move goes awry

(Image credit: BBC)

It's moving day for Karen and Rob but when they arrive at the new house, the lady currently occupying the building doesn't realise she's supposed to be leaving today. Rob and Karen argue over where to spend the night and eventually compromise on a local B&B.

At St Phil's, Emma chats to Becky, whose partner collapsed while they were having a heated argument. Becky confides all her wrong doings – how she's been violent towards Dean but she just can't live without him. Emma helps her to see that, if she really loves him, then she'll let him go. Becky goes to see Dean but is heartbroken to find him flat-lining on the floor.

Jimmi's eager to discuss a troublesome patient and whether to exclude him from The Mill but Daniel would rather wait until Howard's back. They agree to have a meeting but things turn personal when Zara and Daniel snipe at each other. An irritated Jimmi lets rip, but takes it too far when he insults their skills as parents. Daniel and Zara become united and vow to level a vote of no confidence against him.