Karen goes blonde!

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Karen has asked to see Rob, who's shocked to see she's dyed her hair blonde. When Karen reveals the doctors have advised her to visit her home, Rob's thrilled and offers to take her but Karen insists on Mrs Tembe coming with them. At home, Rob tries to jog Karen's memory but, as he explains the history of some of her belongings, Karen just looks blank. In Immie's room, Karen spots a photo of Jack and tells Mrs Tembe he's the boy who visited her and she kissed him. Upon realising who he is, Karen is mortified and breaks down as Mrs Tembe comforts her.

Mrs Tembe encourages Rob to give Karen some time alone to look at the house and Rob's thrown when she tells him she hates it! It's dull and she's that angry Rob wants her to remember and to be dull again. She can't believe she was ever happy in a house like this. Karen says she wants to get a flat and live alone, she doesn't want to be married. As Karen leaves with Mrs Tembe, Rob is left alone, devastated.

Meanwhile, Jas is unsure of what to do about Aran after yesterday but goes to see Jimmi to call it off with him. Jimmi's fine about it, advising her to go for it with Aran. Jas later confides in Heston that if she was Aran she wouldn't touch her with a barge pole; she's messed him around so much already. But when Heston plays devil's advocate and tells her not to bother then, Jas is all fired up...

Also, a pregnant couple come to see Kevin; the wife has high blood pressure and needs to stay relaxed. However, her husband has a secret that could put her health at risk...


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