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Karen has a big question for Rob

Karen tells Rob she's been thinking about fostering children in the wake of the Treehouse investigation. She explains she thinks they would be good at it but it's clear Rob needs some time to think about it.

Zara treats a patient who is grieving over his wife and has trouble sleeping. However, as she learns more about the situation, Zara fears she has made the wrong assessment and Zara rushes to his house, where she finds him sleeping in order to dream about being with his ex-wife. She persuades him to let go of the past and get help for his grief.

Daniel's besieged by colleagues voicing their opposition to the proposed merger, even Heston pays a visit to The Mill to air his views. Later, Anthony tells Daniel everything is in place to bribe a partner at King's Green for inside information on the merger and Daniel tells him to go ahead.