Karen Taylor gives in to her ex Mitch Baker's charms

EastEnders spilers: Karen Taylor gives in to her ex Mitch Baker's charms
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Mitch visits Karen in the launderette and he wastes no time in winning her round wiht his charming manner and his flirting!

Karen and the Taylors are on edge after seeing Mitch again. Keanu warns Karen against having anything to do with him. When Mitch turns up at the launderette, however, Karen is soon won over by his charm and she invites him over for dinner. Keanu and Keegan are fuming to find Mitch in the house. Mitch does his best to fight his corner but Keanu and Keegan force him to leave. Later, Karen can’t resist sneaking Mitch back inside.

Ian is sniffing round Mel now that he’s back from abroad and he manages to arrange drinks with her on the pretence of going through local business contacts with her. When Jack ends up being the third wheel, Ian is miffed. He does his best to prove to Mel that he’s a new man but ends up looking the fool when he gets into an argument with Masood. Mel is stunned when Ian suggests that they get back together!

Patrick wins a bet against Ted but feels bad about taking the money. Ted insists he won it fair and square and refuses to take it back. With dreams of visiting his lady friend in Trinidad, Patrick plots to put his money towards a flight after getting even more lucky and winning on the horses. But Denise wants a new sofa… What will he do?

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