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Karl is rushed to hospital

Karl reels from swallowing the poisonous resin and Karl is taken to hospital, where the staff diagnose a burned oesophagus. When Brad returns later that night, Karl forgives him, but it's clear Susan won't anytime soon.

Paul is approached by Dennis Dimato, a businessman and suggests he sponsor the Erinsborough Festival – that way he can rub shoulders with all the VIPs. Meanwhile, Brennan discovers Dennis has a dodgy reputation and warns Naomi, who then relays this back to Paul. After speaking with Sheila, Dimato realises Naomi has some pull over Paul and offers her a consultancy fee to put in a good word with the Mayor.

Nate is feeling guilty in the wake of Chris's decision not to go through with fathering Lucy's baby especially when he sees how much in common she and Chris have. Lucy tells Chris that she is going to use an anonymous donor, and Chris admits to Nate he is jealous. Nate tells Chris to go for it – have Lucy's baby. Life's too short.