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Kat spends the night with Nate

After spending the night with Nate, Kat tells him they can see each other, but no one can find out. When people start speculating about her love life, Kat has no choice but to end things with Nate. She believes she can't do her job effectively if she doesn't have the respect of the town.

Hannah is desperate to leave the house, so Andy buckles and decides to take Hannah on a dinghy ride. Having a great time for the first time in ages, the boat capsizes and Hannah is nowhere to be found…

Kyle is unable to help Phoebe overcome her fear of Ryan, so he goes to Kat and asks for help. She does some digging and tells Phoebe that Ryan will be sentenced to seven years in prison. Overwhelmed by the news, Phoebe is ready to move on.

Chris continues to tease Kat over her love life, but things go to far for Kat and she threatens to arrest him for defamation. Now Marilyn is convinced Kat is hiding something