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Kathy Beale flees Albert Square after her shock revelation!

EastEnders - Kathy Beale
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Kathy Beale prepares to leave Walford after she was forced to confess to Ben that she was once raped by James Willmott Brown.

Kathy prepares to do a runner from Walford as she’s in a state the recent upsets. Ian is shocked when he finds out and demands to know why. Kathy insists that she can’t deal with being around the family after being forced into telling Ben about her rape by James Willmott Brown. Determined to make her stay, Ian drags Ben over to the house to speak to her. Will Ben talk her round?

Carmel spots that something is up with Shakil. When he refuses to speak to his mum, she asks Kush to talk to him instead. Shakil finally confesses that Bex doesn’t want to be with him because she’s fallen for a teacher. Carmel overhears – then accidentally lets it slip to Martin and Sonia!

Kim gets sick after the Safari Supper Night and she blames Karen’s pudding. Kim insists that Karen has given her food poisoning, but could it be something else?

Also, Donna’s meddling in Robbie online dating backfires.

(Second Episode)