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Is Kim lying to Raf about the twins in Holby?

Holby Kim and Paul

The medic fears he's not the father of her babies…

Although Raf still can't believe he's going to be a father of twins, he's enthusiastically planning for a future with pregnant Kim this week. But when Raf spots Kim having a heated conversation with his patient, stressed-out accountant Paul, he grows suspicious. Kim claims Paul owes her money for work she did for his company, but Paul tells Raf it's Kim who owes HIM money after he stole £25,000 from his firm to help her get out of debt.

Paul then reveals that, when he warned Kim a company audit would disclose the theft, which could result in the police wanting to question her, Kim told him he was the father of her unborn twins! When Raf confronts Kim, she insists the twins are his. But is she lying?

Meanwhile, devastated by the loss of her daughter, Serena channels her grief by pushing Jasmine to the limit on AAU. At the end of a trying day, however, it's obvious that it's Serena who's struggling to cope, when her emotions rise to the surface…

Also, Matteo wants Jac to share more of her life with him and suggests meeting Emma. When Hanssen alludes to lies catching up with him, however, Matteo’s forced to reassess things. How can he expect Jac to involve him more in her life, when he’s been economical with the truth about his?