Kyle and Toadie strip off!

Karl and Sheila square up as their bars open for the night. Out of desperation, Karl ropes in Toadie and the two topless blokes try to entice the ladies to stay... despite Sonya's protestations about the demeaning nature of what they're doing – an argument Karl counters by declaring he's not ashamed of his body.

When Brennan learns the police are intending to offer Tyler a deal to go undercover and bring down Dimato's operation, in return for a reduced sentence, he suddenly becomes protective. But Tyler wants to do the right thing and win his brother's forgiveness so he signs the deal.

Aaron makes Kyle see the difference between him being "harassed" by the hens and Amy trying to do her job. Realising Aaron's right, Kyle makes a formal complaint against Gav, while Amy threatens to put a complaint in against Paul for unfair dismissal, unless he gives Kyle his job back. Paul agrees.

Nate admits he's attracted to Aaron but is disappointed when it turns out Nate is joking. But the tables turn when Aaron goes in for a kiss then pulls away, revealing Nate's not the only joker... it seems there may be a truth to the attraction underlying the jest.

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