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Kyle leaves the Bay

As Kyle and Josh prepare for the naming ceremony, Ricky surprises them by dressing Casey in a shirt that she made from one of Brax's old shirts. As everyone gathers on the beach for the naming ceremony, Phoebe and Ash turn up hand in hand. Ricky and Kyle make heart-warming speeches before guests go back to Angelo's for a buffet.

Kyle goes home to pack and says goodbye to Ricky and Casey. Heartbroken that Kyle has gone without saying goodbye, Phoebe and Ash chase him down and say a final goodbye.

James and Roo have coffee at The Diner, under the watchful eye of Irene and Marilyn and Roo even invites him to the naming ceremony. Alf plays the protective father and interrogates Roo about her date. Later, James walks Roo to home and kisses her on the cheek, leaving her red-faced and flustered.