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Kyle says goodbye to Ramsay Street

Kyle tells Sheila that he has to follow his heart and be with Georgia. After offering Amy the business he says goodbye and it's clear everyone is devastated to see he and Bossy go.

When the search and rescue team are called to find Toadie, Aaron's stunned to see Nate working with them. They find him but after the emergency services assess the damage, Toadie's worried he might not make it. Toadie asks to speak to Steph in private and tells her to destroy a folder in his desk drawer.

Paul protests his innocence when Terese asks him if he tampered with the boiler. However, when he asks Steph not to let any police into the motel without a search warrant, Steph impulsively opens his briefcase and is stunned to discover plans to the Lassiters boiler room inside.

Ben finds out Xanthe tricked him into coming up to the penthouse, when the teens discover a bag of cash in the fridge. They leave the hotel and vow to hand in the money but, seeing how upset Sheila is with Kyle leaving, Xanthe dips into the cash.