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Laurel, Gabby and Bernice cling to each other for support (VIDEO)

Laurel, Gabby and Bernice struggle to cope as terminally-ill Ashley lives out his last days at home.

At Mulberry, the atmosphere is loaded with emotion. Ashley is terminally ill and has come home to spend his last days at home, surrounded by his loved ones. It’s hard on the whole family, but especially for his teenage daughter Gabby, who looks to her stepmum Laurel and mum Bernice, for support.

Rhona’s upset when Vanessa approaches her with yet more poison to pour on Pierce. Will the vet make progress with Rhona – or will Vanessa's latest effort to make her see Pierce's true colours end in more tears?

Having slept with Rebecca behind Aaron's back, Robert’s not too comfortable in her presence right now. Their ill-advised liaison shouldn't have happened and didn’t end well, and now, with Aaron due out of prison, Robert can’t handle being anywhere near his old flame.

Watch this clip from the episode: