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Laurel is fired!

Laurel’s thirst for booze gets her in real bother at the factory when she returns late from lunch, 10 sheets to the wind. Putting her foot in it about Archie, dishevelled Laurel pushes boss, Jai, to his limit, causing him to sack her on the spot! When Ali fails to change Jai’s mind, Laurel wonders how the hell she’s going to explain her unemployed status to husband, Marlon.

Grieving Andy decides it’s time to return to Wylie’s. But his guilty brother Robert just can’t hack it and soon leaves poor Andy to it. While Andy crumbles at the farm, contemplating what could have been and what he’s lost, Robert is going through it, too, and Diane and Lawrence are worried about him.

Emma gets huge satisfaction when she denies all knowledge of any wrongdoing at the scrapyard as Adam confronts her. He warns her to stay away from his family – but Emma couldn’t care less about what he’s got to say!