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Lauren and Josh share a moment!

EastEnders - Lauren Josh
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Lauren helps out Josh when she walks in on him getting changed in EastEnders...

Lauren is still feeling suffocated by Steven’s demands on her attention. At work, she gets a boost when Josh invites her to an important client event. Steven is put out when Lauren cancels their plans that evening to attend the event. There’s an awkward moment for Lauren when she walks in on Josh getting changed.

Mick is furious with what Shirley’s done over the freehold of the pub. When his attempts to find a loophole in the lease don’t bear fruit, he has a frustrating conversation with Linda and then takes his anger out on Whitney. Finding out that Max had a hand in the pub sale, Mick storms off to find him...

Dot ushers in Charlie and Jack to talk about Matthew. Can the two men come to an arrangement?

Also, Michelle struggles to stay on the right side of her boss in her first day on the new job.