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Lauren rejects Brad's proposal

Lauren Carpenter in Neighbours

Lauren tells Brad she doesn't want to marry again

Brad waits for Lauren’s response… and is devastated when she explains that she loves him but doesn’t want to get married again. Late that night Lauren is in the house alone when she receives a mystery visitor. “What are you doing here?” she asks, clearly apprehensive. – It’s Ned!

Paul finishes copying Terese’s plans and tells Gary he will decide what to do with him later. Gary bumps into Terese fleeing the apartment, and as a cover story asks her out on a date. She agrees, but when she discovers Brad’s proposal was rejected, she tells Gary she’s changed her mind. Later on Paul tells Gary he’s going to use the information in Terese’s file to destroy her – and Gary will be his number one foot soldier.

Tyler checks in with Jack who assures him that he is no threat and gives Tyler and Paige his blessing to be together. But when Paige and Tyler head off on a date, we see Jack is devastated.