Lofty resigns after an emotional ED shift!

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It’s a day of reckoning for Lofty, as the hospital board plan a hearing into the death of agency nurse Diana…

Lofty’s a broken man since Diana died from a defibrillator shock while he was resuscitating a patient, and completely blames himself. Although he’s reeling from the trauma, the kind-hearted nurse still turns up to his shift as normal this week to help as many patients as possible before taking any punishment coming his way…

With Lofty unwilling or unable to fight his own corner, his doctor friend Dylan is keen to support the fragile nurse throughout the day. But things take a complicated turn when they realise a drunk and unhappy teenage patient they’re treating together is Diana’s daughter, Lana! Now face-to-face with the consequences of his actions Lofty’s determined to help grieving Lana somehow - even if it means missing his meeting with the panel about his role in her mother’s death!

Later, after Dylan explains what caused Diana’s death to the board, they decide Lofty is in the clear and can continue working as a nurse. However, Lofty has other ideas and hands his resignation into shocked nurse manager, Rita!

Meanwhile, brothers Ethan and Cal have buried the hatchet and are united in caring for their dying mother Emilie. Clinical lead Connie gives them both time off to take their mother to a hospice together in one of Holby ED’s ambulances.

But when Cal gets a harebrained notion into his head, they soon find themselves on a life-changing adventure. Cal steals the ambulance from the paramedics and takes Emilie to her favourite seaside spot, only for her to die peacefully with her sons later that evening.

Afterwards, Ethan reveals to Cal the test results show he’s inherited Emilie’s Huntington’s disease, while Cal has no signs of it…

Also this week, it’s newcomer Jez’s very first shift as a paramedic. Unfortunately for him he makes a bad first impression on clinical lead Connie Beauchamp and his manager, Iain! However later, Jez and Iain put their differences behind them and strike up the beginnings of a new friendship.

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