Lost Cities - National Geographic

Albert Lin on a rooftop in Acre, Israel
(Image credit: Blakeway Productions/National Ge)

In Lost Cities, action man Albert Lin goes in search of the Knights Templar in a new series unlocking the secrets of the past

In Lost Cities, Nat Geo adventurer and scientist Albert Lin uses the latest technology to reveal secrets from the past (Sunday, 8pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

Dr Robert Kool of the Israel Antiquities Authority shows Albert Lin a crusader-era coin (Blakeway Productions/National Geographic)

Antiquities expert Dr Robert Kool shows Albert Lin a crusader-era coin

The new series begins in Acre, Israel, as he attempts to find where the Knights Templar – the elite 12th-century fighting force that protected the pilgrims who came to the holy land – were based.

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He hopes if he can find their ancient command centre, he can also detect where they kept their riches. Enthusiastic Albert is a genial host, but it’s the tech, especially the 3D scanning of the city above and below ground, that really blows the mind.

TV Times rating: ****