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Mac and Tabby clash in Hollyoaks

David Easter plays Mac Nightingale

Mac has a party in Hollyoaks - but there's one guest who's really cramping his style...

The Nightingales have arranged a birthday party for Mac. It descends into chaos, though, when Mac and Tabby clash - and poor Marnie’s stuck in the middle! Elsewhere, Harry wants James to help with Ste's custody battle and tells Tabby about his and James's history.

Meanwhile, Nick heads to The Loft with Holly, and a plan to get Ellie off his back… Later, Holly and Nick have their first kiss and agree to keep their relationship secret from Cindy and Dirk.

Amy and Ryan are also enjoying a night out at The Loft, but Lisa upsets Amy, who storms off. Ryan's left behind with Lisa and Freddie and, later, Lisa tells Cleo she's just slept with another man – but was it Freddie or Ryan?