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Maddy gets some devastating news

Maddy wants to leave hospital so she can console Evelyn and lies that her arm feels better. Later, unable to bear the pain, Maddy tells Tori who does another scan. Maddy is left distraught when her test results reveal that she has experienced major muscle damage and her arm will need to be amputated.

Meanwhile, Nate and Tori struggle to save Hannah's life but she dies from an epidural hemorrhage. Alf tearfully tells Leah, Zac and Evelyn the news while Evelyn runs off.

Kat meets with Charlotte's killer - Josh! He explains that he acted in self-defense, but he doesn't tell Kat that Charlotte was blackmailing him and Andy over Jake Pirovic. Suddenly, Kat's phone rings and Nate breaks the news that Hannah has died.

Kat talks to Roo and Alf, who says that Hannah and Oscar's deaths will have a profound effect on Evelyn. After conversation, Kat tells Josh that his secret is safe for now, as Evelyn needs him.