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Martin and Louisa host a disastrous dinner party

(Image credit: Patrick Redmond +353872600976)

The grumpy doc’s attempt at being sociable ends in disaster when he invites Dennis Dodds, the chairman of the board of governors at Louisa’s school, over for dinner.

Dennis and his wife Karen arrive looking like they've already had a few drinks and when Martin and Louisa go to check on James, Louisa tells him that she thinks the couple have a drink problem. She and Martin return downstairs to be met by total silence - the baby monitor was on and Dennis and Karen had heard every word!

The next day Louisa tries to aplologise to Dennis, but they argue and he falls off his balcony. Although he isn’t badly hurt, Louisa calls Martin who, after checking Dennis out, realises that he has Parkinson’s, not a drink problem.

Also… Louisa and Martin’s new nanny quits after Martin tells her that her constant scratching is caused by an infection common in fat people and Martin leaves James with Mike Pruddy, who turns out to be a natural with babies, while PC Penhale goes on a charm offensive, and Al finds out that Morwenna is looking for a lodger.