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Martin loses it with Bex!

EastEnders Martin Bex
(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Martin can’t deal with Bex when more revelations come to light.

Martin is horrified when he’s called into the school to talk about the situation with Bex. He soon realises the consequences of what’s gone on are getting worse by the minute. Taking Bex back home, Martin furiously confronts her, demanding an explanation. When Bex refuses to explain what happened, Martin snaps, making it clear he can’t deal with her anymore leaving Bex  heartbroken...

It’s Sylvie birthday, and the Carters plan a celebration but feeling unable to join in the fun, a glum Mick gets drunk instead. Feeling bad for Mick, a concerned Whitney tries to help out and blames herself for being the cause of his trouble, however she's taken aback when Mick suddenly cracks and breaks down.