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Matt needs help with Roo in Home and Away

Roo Stewart in Home and Away

Roo's addiction takes a firm hold on her in Home and Away

Matt finds Roo passed out with a bottle of diazepam tablets by her side. Ashamed of herself, she throws the pills in the bin to show Matt she wants to make a change. However, Matt spots Roo taking the tablets out the bin and asks Alf to help.

Phoebe attempts to sneak out of the Morgan household, but is caught by Brody. The pair talk, but are interrupted by Justin and they both agree that their night of passion was a one-off.

Olivia makes it clear that doesn’t like Billie and things reach boiling point when Skye is brought up. Billie explains that she ran off with a boy at 16 and Olivia responds by saying she doesn’t want Skye to end up pregnant with a boyfriend five years younger, leaving Billie in tears.

John is left broken hearted when the social services say that Skye has contacted them about a change of address. John tries to find out where she is living but social services say they aren’t allowed to give that information.