Is Max Branning being played by girlfriend Fi Browning?

EastEnders - Max Browning Fi Branning
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Fi Browning supports Max when he stands up to Wilmott-Brown over Carmel but is she just trying to manipulate him?

Max tells Willmott Brown that he doesn’t want Carmel getting caught up in his game playing any longer. When Max tells Willmott Brown that it’s over, Fi only just manages to hide her fury. Speaking to Max alone, however, Fi congratulates him on standing up to her dad and they get physical. But it’s not clear whose side Fi is really on… Later, Willmott Brown confronts them both about their relationship, prompting Max to confess that they’re together.

Billy invites in the tax inspectors who turn up to audit the business. As they start to go through the books, a nervous Billy covers when Honey finds some unaccounted for invoices. Billy decides to ‘fess up, handing the tax inspectors the invoices and insisting he genuinely made a mistake. When they tell him that he’ll have to pay back the money owed, he’s alarmed, as it will leave the business in debt.

Bex has asked Robbie to give her a driving lesson but when he freaks out he passes the job over to Gethin, much to Bex’s delight! Although the lesson goes well, Gethin makes it clear to Bex that he has no feelings for her. Later, Shakil surprises Bex with a sweet birthday meal and gift.

Also, Ingrid walks in on Karen with the loan sharks.

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