Max is buried alive!

Tanya and Max meet Tanya's solicitor to stop the divorce proceedings. Meanwhile, Sean drives a van to the mystery address and he is stunned when he realises he's collecting a coffin. Back in the Square, Tanya puts on a sexy outfit and lays the table for dinner, opening a bottle of wine and lacing it with crushed sedatives. Max arrives and is impressed with the spread. He tucks into the wine and the sedatives soon take effect. Sean and Tanya drag an unconscious Max into the van and drive him to deserted woodland. They heave Max into the coffin in a freshly dug grave and Sean is about to finish Max off with a shovel when Tanya stops him. She tells Sean that she wants Max buried alive. Max begins to stir, but Tanya shows no mercy and pulls across the coffin lid� Ian is in an edgy mood and he snaps at Bobby. Jane is angry but they are interrupted by the police, who reveal that they've found the body of a young girl. A terrified Ian agrees to identify the body and he is physically sick on the way to the mortuary. Ian steels himself to look at the body. He's weak with relief - it's not Lucy. VIDEO: Catch up with the latest EastEnders action

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