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Mark De-Lisser with one of his choirs
(Image credit: BBC / Curve)

Lonely at Christmas? Meet the Street suggests a bit of choir-singing can help blow away those lonesome blues

Our Dementia Choir’s Mark De-Lisser returns in Meet the Street, an uplifting daytime series for BBC1 (showing every day this week, see our TV Guide for full details).

Mark with Sharon, Cliff and Leticia

In perfect harmony: Mark (rear) with Sharon, Cliff and Leticia

Looking at the UK’s growing problem of loneliness, it sets out to convince people that they can reconnect through music.

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"I want to inspire the nation to hold a hand, hug someone and talk about their lives," Mark told TV Times.

"There’s a feeling of simple joy that comes from singing with other people. It’s not competitive, it’s a shared goal, it’s a release.

"We come out of the womb crying because it’s a release – it’s within us, it’s not learnt.

It’s the same with singing."

With that as his philosophy, the charismatic choral director sets out to try and get those feeling particularly isolated to join four mini choirs.

And he gets them all to come together to take part in a festive grand finale performance on Friday.

As Mark puts it: "See how better your life can be when you embrace it!"

TV Times rating: ****