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Mercedes reveals she's pregnant!

Lindsey spies Mercedes and Joe talking secretly and thinks they’re conspiring to go to the police about Phoebe’s murder. Freddie corners Mercedes forcing her to reveal that she’s pregnant with Joe’s baby. He realises that she wants to keep the baby and advises her not to make a hasty decision about whether to have a termination.

Later, Freddie confronts Joe about neglecting Mercedes. Joe fumes and is determined to pull himself up on the physio bars to stand up to his brother. Freddie encourages Joe, but Joe pushes himself too hard and collapses on the floor. Celine hurries in and Freddie’s scared about the trouble he’s caused.

There are flowers and balloons on Nancy’s desk from Robbie. Elsewhere, Theresa plays golf in Patrick's office in a bid to cheer him up and they end up kissing. Nancy walks in on them – busted!

Unable to recall the events of yesterday, Reenie’s searching for more alcohol and Cleo locks her in the bedroom. Mother and daughter try to talk through their issues and Cleo promises to help her mum. However, when she goes back to her mum’s room, Reenie is missing. Reenie staggers down the road and gets run over!