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Mishti loses her baby

How will Mishti and Leo get over such devastating news?

When Mishti hears that Terese is out of job and that Leo has taken her place, Mishti isn't happy. She finds Leo and tells him to do the right thing and get Terese her job back. Leo is determined to make the most of the opportunity his father has given him and refuses to give up the role. Mishti tries to get David to talk some sense into his brother, but midway through their conversation, Mishti starts to suffer horrific stomach pains. She is rushed to hospital and is told that she has suffered a miscarriage. Leo rushes to the hospital to be by her side - but will Mishti want to see him?

Meanwhile, Holly receives some great news - she has been accepted onto the China exchange program. There is just one tiny problem - she hasn't told Karl and Susan the news. Karl also has great news, he will be able to keep his job as a medical researcher. Karl is elated, as he finally feels like everything is working out. However, when he finds out that Holly has been accepted onto the China exchange program he is devastated. Upset that Holly could be leaving Ramsay Street, he takes out his frustrations on Susan….

Also, Toadie looks over Terese's contract with a fine-tooth comb and tells her that Paul has every right to put her on leave. Terese is furious, so Piper tries to talk some sense into Paul - but will she be able to change his mind?