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Moira collapses in Cain's arms

Cain Dingle, Moira Dingle
(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

At Butler's, grieving Moira breaks down on her ex

After Cain learns Moira has told Pete she was driving the van which mowed him down, her ex is worried the farmer will go on to tell other people the truth about the incident. When Moira refuses to answer Cain’s calls as she drowns her sorrows, Cain turns up at Butler's. There he finds the farmer in a terrible state, trashing the place in floods of tears. As she collapses in his arms, can the exes find a way through this?

Lisa and Zak find themselves reminiscing about their marriage when they head out into the grounds of Home Farm to steal a Christmas tree. Chuckling about the trouble they used to get into, Lisa pulls Zak to the ground thinking she's heard a noise. It's a false alarm but they're rattled by the spark that flares as they find themselves inches apart...

Also, Jimmy's in the doghouse with Nicola, so Rodney suggests he buy his wife a gift to get back in her good books. Will Jimmy's 'thoughtful' gift hit the spot? Elsewhere, Finn asks Kasim to spend Christmas with him and the Bartons.