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Moira confronts Holly’s dealer in Emmerdale

Moira Dingle, James Barton, Simon the drug dealer

Worried her daughter has taken drugs, Moira confronts Holly's dealer

*First episode*

When Holly doesn’t report in to her mum after going out to the chemist’s to pick up her methadone, Moira is in a panic. Fearing her addict daughter has given in to temptation, Moira storms round to Holly’s dealer Simon’s house, demanding to see her…

Having committed arson to try to recoup the money he lost on the failed Mill redevelopment, Rakesh is in big trouble. When Priya, who has no idea what’s going on behind the scenes, offers to chase the insurer, will Rakesh step in to stop her finding out he’s suspected of arson?

Chrissie fumes when Lawrence reveals Andy knew he and Ronnie were once lovers, but kept it from her to spare Bernice’s feelings.