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Mother's Day – BBC2

Mother's Day BBC2
(Image credit: BBC/Steffan Hill)

Following the 1993 Warrington bombing, a grieving couple and a Dublin housewife form an unlikely alliance to bring about peace

It’s 25 years since the IRA bombings in Warrington claimed the lives of two young boys – Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball.

This deeply moving, thought-provoking drama sees Anna Maxwell Martin and Daniel Mays on brilliant, heart-breaking form.

They play Tim’s shell-shocked parents, Wendy and Colin, who battle to deal with their grief.

'Wendy and Colin are a rock-solid couple but they had different reactions,' explains Anna.

'Colin’s a brilliant speaker and was able to talk to the press.'

'Wendy didn’t feel that need to speak and wanted to grieve privately.'

Mother's Day BBC2

Daniel Mays and Anna Maxwell Martin star as grieving parents, Colin and Wendy Parry

Anna and Daniel are matched every step of the way by the sensational Vicky McClure as dogged Dublin mum Susan McHugh.

She, with the help of husband Arthur (David Wilmot), is inspired to launch a peace movement.

Through that, they try to ensure that no more children lose their lives as a result of the Troubles.

An absolute must-see.

TV Times rating: *****