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Harry meets a new celebrity when famous explorer Earnest Shackleton comes to the store to give a lecture about his expedition to the South Pole this week. There's great excitement at the store but, on the big day, Mr Grove is furious when he finds that several members of staff are late for work. Where can they be?


Harry is getting frustrated when Kitty arrives and explains that there's a delay on the underground after a body is found on the line. It's Mrs Bunting and there's a note to Harry in her purse. Harry is distraught to read the note and when Gordon asks why he had to sack her, Harry is forced to re-evaluate his response. Miss Bunting stole from him but he never let her explain why. Harry feels he made a mistake and left one of his own out in the cold. He wants to cover all the costs of Miss Bunting's funeral.


Mrs Bunting's death hits everyone at the store very hard and Mr Grove feels he could have done more to help her. Agnes is also upset, but while she discusses the tragedy with Henri, the pair share an intimate moment - only for Mr Ravillious to walk in on them! Later on, she warns Agnes to tread carefully and think of her career.


Back at the store, Rose and Harry are at the exhibition for Shackleton - but see that Roddy is there talking to Rosalie. Harry threatens Roddy, telling him to never come into contact with his family again - but not before Roddy informs Harry that Rose was in love with him and that Harry should be more careful about the people that he holds dear...


Sean Marland
Sean Marland

Sean has been writing about all things telly for over 10 years and in that time he's been lucky enough to interview stars like Ian McKellen, Tom Hardy and Kate Winslet. His favourite shows are The Great British Bake-Off, People Just Do Nothing and Succession and in his spare time he enjoys drinking tea, doing crosswords and watching football.