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Mrs Tembe and JJ return from their holiday

(Image credit: BBC)

The loved-up couple are shocked to see Rob on their doorstep...

Mrs Tembe and JJ are Birmingham's answer to love's young dream when they return home from their holiday. They get a nasty surprise, however, when they find Rob on their doorstep, demanding that JJ come down to the station to answer a few questions.

After questioning JJ, Rob says he needs to know Mrs Tembe’s whereabouts on April 4. Mrs Tembe explains that she and JJ were at The Icon. When JJ returns home, Mrs Tembe embraces her boyfriend and laughs off the ordeal but, later, JJ's seen looking worried. Is he hiding something?

Also, Ayesha tells Emma about her fight with Karl. Emma tells Ayesha that maybe she was in the wrong and she should try and patch things up with her brother. Ayesha takes Emma’s advice and contacts Debs, assuming Karl's staying with her. However, Ayesha's left panicked when she finds out Debs hasn’t seen Karl…