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Nancy sees Kush with Stacey

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Kush is dragged to the Vic by his mates on his 30th birthday. Knowing that Shabnam doesn't want him out during Ramadan, he soon returns home. As Kush helps her prepare for the Iftar Drive, Shabnam has a change of heart, encouraging Kush to celebrate with his friends. Things take an awkward turn, however, when Kush ends up handcuffed to the railings in just his underwear!

Stacey is frosty with Martin after becoming irritated by his behaviour. Not feeling comfortable enough to reveal all to Martin about her mental health issues, Stacey instead breaks up with him. When Stacey finds Kush handcuffed to the railings she takes pity on him, rescuing him, but the attraction between them is obvious. Nancy spots them together and warns Stacey to tell Shabnam or she will.

Buster arranges for him and Shirley to see Jade's foster father Jonathan. Meeting up with him in a cafe, they tell Jonathan they want joint custody of their granddaughter, arranging to meet her later in the week. Feeling guilty about keeping it from Dean, Shirley wants to tell him the truth, but Buster pleads with her not to. Meanwhile, Masood learns that Jade has cystic fibrosis.

Also, Cindy refuses to go to the Beales' for dinner.