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Nanny Ingrid gets up close and personal with hot hunk Keanu Taylor!

EastEnders - Keanu Taylor
(Image credit: BBC / Kerion McCarron)

Jack’s nanny Ingrid invites Keanu Taylor round for a drink after seeing him model. Meanwhile, Bex makes things up to Gethin and Carmel takes a big step.

Ingrid was obviously impressed with what she saw at the life drawing class, as she invites Keanu round to Jack’s for a drink! They soon get down to some smooching, but they are interrupted by the arrival of Jack. Will he put pay to their passion?

Bex apologises to Gethin for how she’s behaved towards him. He’s relieved that she seems to have backed off, and he agrees to tutor her again. But is her apology sincere or is it just a way to have him back in her life on a one-to-one basis?

Carmel makes a huge decision in her bid to make sure Arthur is okay. Will she regret what she’s done?

Also, Linda arranges a surprise graduation party for Johnny, while Dot has an awkward meeting with new vicar Irene.