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Naomi accepts Paul's proposal

Completely thrown by Paul's marriage proposal, Naomi feels pressured to say yes. Nevertheless, she manages to convince Paul to keep their engagement under wraps.

As Lauren and Brad's infidelity reverberates around Ramsay Street, Brad reveals he's moving out. Later, Terese lashes out at Lauren for breaking up her marriage but Lauren stands up for herself. Not impressed by her dressing down from Lauren, and further fuelled by Brad's announcement that he's moving out, a furious Terese throws out all his possessions, pushing Josh to breaking point.

Susan is concerned that Sheila doesn't know the real Russ and suggests she should chat to Tyler before she rushes into anything. Later, Russ tells Sheila that he's really into her, but when she reveals that Susan suggested she talk to Tyler about his Dad, Russ thinks that Tyler's betrayed him.

Amy tries to distract Kyle by suggesting an arithmetic contest. But Kyle soon realises he's not a genius... Amy's just been letting him win.