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Naomi kisses Paul

Naomi tells Paul to stay positive, especially now the cancer research centre is going to be a reality. Paul tells her he doesn't want her pity, and Naomi is equally clear that she doesn’t feel that way about him. But Paul is left to ask himself just what she does feel when Naomi kisses him.

Lauren is shaken to learn that Bailey has lashed out and is possibly drinking again. Susan suggests he might find it easier to talk to a friend, but Lauren instinctively turns to Brad. Terese works hard to stay positive about their growing closeness – but she's shaken on learning that Bailey has accused Brad of trying to step into Matt's shoes. Terese keeps her peace for now, but she's watching her husband closely.

Imogen attends drinks with the Eden Hills University Law Society, but realises that the members are dull and boring. An unexpected distraction comes in the form of Tyler, who makes it clear that he’s keen to build on their friendship. Imogen is keen to prove that she knows how to have fun and suggests a game of strip poker.