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Nate has an awkward moment with Danika

Nate Cooper in Home and Away

Nate Cooper is desperate to impress Tori but Danika puts a spanner in the works

Nate Cooper takes Tori out for the day, and when the pair go swimming and Nate takes his top off, it’s clear Tori can’t take hier eyes off him. But the day takes a turn when Danika shows up and kisses Nate on the cheek…

Billie and VJ are both miserable without each other, but Billie is struggling to cope with her guilt. When Leah and VJ both beg Billie to give their relationship another chance, will she finally come clean or will she pack her bags and leave Summer Bay for good?

Also, Tori, Brody and Mason are still furious with Justin and the part he played in their mother’s death. Will Justin ever be able to fix what's happened and will Phoebe offer more than a shoulder to cry on?